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Outlook-Android Sync
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EZOutlookSync Version History

EZOutlookSync 3.2 (Pro & Standard)

  • Fixed: Inability to correctly work with the latest Outlook 2019 version update

EZOutlookSync 3.1 (Pro & Standard)

  • Added support for Windows 10 and Outlook 2016
  • Bug fixes and speedy performance improvements

EZOutlookSync 3.03 Pro

  • Speedy performance improvements and bug fixes

EZOutlookSync 64-bit 3.02 Pro

  • Added support for 64-bit versions of MS Outlook and Exchange Server
  • Some minor fixes and performance improvements

EZOutlookSync 3.02 (Pro & Standard)

  • Improved: PST file selection dialog now defaults to Outlook Files folder
  • Fixed: Inability to schedule automatic synchronizations on Windows 7 in some rare cases

EZOutlookSync 3.01 (Pro & Standard)

  • Improved: Handling of password protected Outlook files
  • Fixed: MAPI error when opening PST files over network

EZOutlookSync 3.0 (Pro & Standard)

  • Added support for MS Exchange Server*
  • Added automatic check for updates
  • Improved overall synchronization speed and responsiveness of the program
  • Fixed issue with synchronization of distribution lists
  • Fixed scheduled synchronizations under Windows7
  • Fixed synchronization of Unicode folders
    *EZOutlookSync Pro feature

EZOutlookSync 2.2 (Pro & Standard)

  • Added full support for Windows 7
  • Added ability to start the application without any profile
  • Improved logic behind the two-way synchronization process
  • Improved comparison method related to email messages
  • Improved overall program performance when comparing items from Outlook files
  • Fixed all known omissions since last version

EZOutlookSync 2.1 (Pro & Standard)

  • Added ability to set up queued synchronizations for several profiles form the command line
  • Fixed one way synchronization problem with items not being deleted when required*
  • Fixed "String does not allow for duplicates" error message for Outlook 2007 SP2*
  • Fixed some other minor errors and omissions
    *Relates to EZOutlookSync Pro only

EZOutlookSync 2.04 Pro

  • Fixed two way synchronization issue (copying of items from source to target)

EZOutlookSync 2.03 (Pro & Standard)

  • Fixed AV error message for Outlook 2007 SP2 users

EZOutlookSync 2.02 (Pro & Standard)

  • Fixed listing of Unicode categories in Options*
  • Synchronization from the command line if using multiple profiles now works correctly
    *Relates to EZOutlookSync Pro only

EZOutlookSync 2.01 (Pro & Standard)

  • Fixed some problems related to correspondence of objects when synchronizing from the command line*
  • Schedule parameters are now being shown correctly on Vista systems
  • All previously known small omissions and errors are fixed, as well
    *Relates to EZOutlookSync Pro only

EZOutlookSync 2.0 (Pro & Standard)

  • Scheduling synchronizations added in EZOutlookSync Standard. Now you can run fully automatic synchronizations every day, hour or even minute to keep Outlook data always up to date
  • Vista support for scheduling synchronizations along with new dialogs for scheduling*
  • Full support for multilingual Unicode Outlook data files
  • It is now possible to preview items in details prior synchronization (available from the Summary window)*
  • New switch "/a" to enable synchronization progress window if working from the command line
  • Further optimization of synchronization speed*
  • Cancel button when analyzing data for the Summary window now works
  • Fixed omission when selecting PST files for synchronization from the command line
    *Relates to EZOutlookSync Pro only

EZOutlookSync 1.61 (Pro & Standard)

  • Auto select new folders option is now checked by default
  • .ini, .ezo, and log files are now stored in the userís Application data directory
  • Programís version number is now included in the log file for easier identification
  • Fixed MAPI, String list does not allow duplicates, failed to set data for ", and AV errors*
  • EZOutlookSync is now fully compatible with Windows Vista
    *Relates to EZOutlookSync Pro only

EZOutlookSync 1.5 (Pro & Standard)

  • Additional Synchronization menu is added in the main layout
  • Shortcuts are now available for faster synchronization handling
  • Status windows are not being shown during automatic synchronization anymore*
  • Increased synchronization speed after showing the Summary window before synchronization*
  • New option "Auto select new folders" added*
  • Errors are now being processed silently and written to the log file during automatic synchronization mode*
  • Correct exit code is written in the Windows Scheduler log file upon program exiting after auto sync*
  • Problems with AV errors being shown after synchronization fixed
    *Relates to EZOutlookSync Pro only

EZOutlookSync 1.4 Pro

  • Significantly improved speeds, especially on recurring synchronizations
  • All folders are now selected by default
  • Select/Unselect All command added

EZOutlookSync 1.4 Standard

  • Tremendous speed improvement up to 3 times in comparison with previous version
  • All folders are now selected by default
  • Select/Unselect All command added

EZOutlookSync 1.32 Pro

  • "Allow for deleting items" bug fixed

EZOutlookSync 1.31 Pro

  • Fixed bug when it was not possible to open Outlook data files (PST) that were in Outlook profiles with Outlook running in the background

EZOutlookSync 1.3 Pro

  • Automatic synchronization feature added
  • New, much improved Wizard
  • Main windows changes size now
  • Improved user interface

EZOutlookSync 1.3 Standard

  • New, much improved Wizard
  • Main windows changes size now
  • Improved user interface

EZOutlookSync 1.2 Pro

Initial release

EZOutlookSync 1.2 Standard

  • Speed increase on synchronization and loading data
  • Deleting folders option added
  • Fixed slow reaction to "Cancel"

EZOutlookSync 1.1 Standard

  • Added Read/Unread status synchronization for Emails
  • Profile now saves selected folders

EZOutlookSync 1.02 Standard

  • Free version now allows 3 full synchronizations in trial
  • Minor bug fixes

EZOutlookSync 1.0 Standard

  • Final release

EZOutlookSync 1.0 RC4 Standard

  • Duplication bug fixed

EZOutlookSync 1.0 RC3 Standard

  • Distribution lists synchronization now supported
  • Help File included
  • Improved status information during synchronization
  • Less duplicates possibility in Contacts
  • Profile error fixed

EZOutlookSync 1.0 RC2 Standard

  • No annoying Outlook security message
  • Attempt to fix "Add Store" error

EZOutlookSync 1.0 RC1 Standard

  • nt.dll error fixed
  • Memory consumption greatly decreased

EZOutlookSync 1.0 Beta 4 Standard

  • OLE Error on Outlook 2002 fixed
  • Memory usage is dramatically decreased
  • Interface improved, number of items in folder is shown
  • Email support option added to Help menu
  • Wizard interface improved

EZOutlookSync 1.0 Beta 3 Standard

  • Improvements in user interface
  • All known bug fixed

EZOutlookSync 1.0 Beta 2 Standard

  • "Show Last Log" function added
  • Many security measures to ensure safe sycnhronization
  • All known bugs fixed

EZOutlookSync 1.0 Beta 1a Standard

  • First public release

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