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followup flags

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I am using EZOS 2.2 with Office 2007. Emails sync fine. Contact follow-up flags do not. Here’s an example.

1. When using my desktop, I start with a contact that has date1 as follow-up.
2. I sync to my laptop and later change (on the laptop) the follow-up to date2 and add notes
3. I sync back to my desktop.
4. When I re-open Outlook on my desktop I get a reminder for that contact. It shows the previous information, prior to the sync with my laptop. It does not contain the new notes entered while using my laptop nor does it show the revised follow-up date – date2. However, a second contact has not been created. If I open the contact rather than the reminder, the correct information is shown.
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Re: followup flags

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Please do not duplicate your requests if you've already requested support via email.
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