program not working after update

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Re: program not working after update

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No Joy!! Downloaded and installed the pro version. Downloaded the zip file and (I think this is right) replaced original file with the unzipped file. Established a new PST on my computer and synced one way to the file. The calendar showed the colors correctly. I then synched my original file with the remote laptop PST that previously gave me the error message "MAPI error 80040116. The file \\C\users...........\Outlook.personal folder.pst cannot be accessed" when I tried to sync. This time, synch seemed to be successful. However, when I went to open the remote Outlook program, the program starts to open, but then gives the error message "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open Outlook window. Set of folders cannot be opened. Errors have been detected in the file" "use SCANPST to fix. This happened three times. I restarted the computer to see if the message would go away, but it did not. I used SCANPST, which found errors which I repaired. Outlook then opened. BTW, I use Outlook 2007.

So, why does an apparent successful sync result in a currupted remote PST? Is there anything I can do now, or should I try a different manufacturer?
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Re: program not working after update

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I'm pretty sure either the source or the target pst file was corrupted. If you use scanpst for each of them and then use scanpst again, it would continue showing you that there're errors in the files. You need to start with new pst files in order to eliminate the corruption issue from the equation.
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