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Update issues

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I had a registered version of OutlookAndroidSync v 1.3 installed on my Android phone and on my laptop running win 7 PRO, x64.
It as been a good software so far helping me cover my sync needs.

I have the following questions:

1) Will the update to v 1.4 continue to work on my laptop with the same registration or will I have to register (and pay) for new version ?
How do I update the laptop software?

2) My phone Sync software was updated automatically to 1.4. Will it work with the non-updated version 1.3 running on my laptop?

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Re: Update issues

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1. The update is free for anybody. Please visit the Download page on our web site and grab the updated version from there.
2. Yes, it will. Although for best possible results we recommend to have the latest versions installed as on your phone as on your PC.
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