Sync calender from outlook back to Digical ??

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Sync calender from outlook back to Digical ??

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first I would like to excuse for my bad english - I am Danish :D .

Whatever I have a problem. I have a Samsung S 4 mobile and I use the Digical very often (all the time actually). My Digical is syncronising with my outlook calender on my laptop. Today - after a update - I saw that all my calender agreements are missing on my cellphone - but they still are on my outlook (on my laptop). How can I get all my appointments back to my cellphone from outlook ??????

I appriciate Your help.

Regards from Denmark, Bettina :mrgreen:
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Re: Sync calender from outlook back to Digical ??

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Please try to create couple new test appointment in Outlook (one without a category and the other with some category, say, blue) and sync it with your phone. Will the appointments be there? Were you using a 2-way sync? If yes, there's a log file created upon each sync, please forward it to us, will see what's happening behind the scenes during the sync process. You can find the log file here: C:\Users\Your_Windows_Username\AppData\Roaming\Outlook-Android Sync\Logs. Thanks.
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