MAPI Error: 80070005 file access denied

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MAPI Error: 80070005 file access denied

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I just downloaded pro V1.3 and upon trying to sync I received the message in the subject. I will explain my procedure below:

I installed the product on two laptops. One will serve as the "base" or source machine the other will be portable. I used the wizard and chose the "portable " machine's PST file as the source. I then (within the wizard) browsed the network to the "base" machine. (I previously shared the //documents and settings/user/local settings/application data/microsoft/outlook folder and made sure that the outlook.pst as well as the folder is NOT read only.) The username and password box came up, I entered the "base" machine's info from the "portable" machine and was connected to the shared folder. I picked the outlook.pst file from the "base" machine to be the target. Upon clicking the finish button I received the error message.

Thanks in advance for any information on this matter. If we can resolve this issue I will certainly purchase the pro version.



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Apparently, you must create a new folder that is not in the "system" file path. For example, I copied the outlook.pst file to a new folder on the desktop and it will now sync. Guess this means I need to make outlook point to a different location for the pst, and contacts files?

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I have the same problem. I have created a new folder but still have a problem. Can anyone offer any advice please. The only thing i am not sure of is what PEC means by "system" file path. Thank you
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Same error

Post by HankStallings »

I am getting this message and I believe I know why.

My company had just implemented mandatory file encryption. I know the certificate on each computer is the same. I have tried adding the machine accounts to each Administrators group. I've tried creating a share and giving full access to the machine and my user account, but it's a no go.

If someone can help, I'd appreciate it.

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