"Ghost" appointments

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"Ghost" appointments

Post by Regis »

I'm currently testing OutlookSync
However, worries:
1) The "Outlook PST file" path is inconstant.
     (If I happen to have two paths, the last selected one is no longer synonymous with the following synchronization = very annoying!

2) I find appointments "ghosts" on the Android mobile, and that no longer exist on the PC
     Strange, is not it?

However, I am willing to pay the payment.

The synchronization itself by the wifi is quite efficient (provided you keep the sync in the foreground).

Thank you for your help.
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Re: "Ghost" appointments

Post by admin »

Sorry, not sure I understand the first problem. Could you please elaborate a bit more about it?
As for the ghost appointments, please forward me the latest log file (you can get it by clicking on Tools->Last lag in Win OAS) via PM here in the forum and mention couple of names of the ghost appointments. Will be able to check where they are coming from. Thanks!
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