Tablet reports Firewall Problems

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Tablet reports Firewall Problems

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After installing Outlook-Android Sync the first Sync works just fine. Connects properly automatically, completes the sync. The second time I try to sync it tells me that it cannot connect because of firewall issues. It does not say what the issue is. I have the Microsoft Firewall turned off. I also turned off my Antivirus completely. The response was the same. I then uninstalled the Outlook-Android Sync program and reinstalled it. It worked like a charm. What is going on with these firewall messages?
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Re: Tablet reports Firewall Problems

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The firewall messages mean exactly what they say. Please double check if the Windows version of Outlook-Android Sync is listed and allowed in the firewall rules. Also, did you turn the firewall off for public or private networks? Thanks.
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