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Command line mode..

Post by jamietre »

Well, there is one problem with the way command line mode works. It runs asynchronously, so there's no easy way for me to know when it's finished. A batch file will keep running after launching EZOS, whereas I really want it to wait until EZOS is finished so it can copy files back when it's done.

Is there any chance you can add an option to have it run in process?
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Post by fogod »

I think I have come, accidently, across the solution to the problem why EZOS ver 1.5 does not work for everyone.

I uninstalled the program, AND then DELETED the directory:
C:\Program Files\EZOutlookSync Pro

before I reinstalled EZOS Pro 1.5

Last night (as you can see from the previous message) I was able to synchronize two PST files that were on the same computer. Today I was able to get access to my home network and attempt to synchronize the two PST files on different computers and it worked!

After all this time and effort (and a few annoyed postings to this forum) and have managed to get my notebook computer to synchronize with my desktop computer.

I'll keep you posted if the error ever comes up again.
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