Sync not happening

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Sync not happening

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My personal computer is a Windows 7, running Outlook 2010 (32-bit). My new phone is Android. So I wish to sync my Outlook contacts with the Contacts application on the phone. Today I installed the trial version of the PC software and downloaded the Android app to my phone. Set up wizard is easy to follow and the pairing of the devices is successful. I selected the options of (a) 1-way synchronization (from Outlook to Android) but (b) involving Contacts solely, no Calendar. Process ended, but with nothing copied over. Subsequent re-tries of both the 1-way and 2-way sync also end as "Successful" but still with nothing in my Android contacts file.

I wonder why the tech companies and the phone manufactures cannot make Outlook sync very simple and flawless.....It is very important and an essential part of daily work.....however it so ugly and rubbish that one cannot control the frustration. Samsung in particular does shoddy job I would say a crappy job with their Kies and most recent SmartSwitch program. It is a bullshit.....never ever able to sync Outlook flawlessly without issues....SHAME SAMSUNG....

Even this program does not do what is says.....not working properly,.....not able to sync even after paring and doing everything right.....including contacts setting in phone

All I want is a clean way to copy just my Outlook contacts to my phone.

Can any one really help...thanks....
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Re: Sync not happening

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What did the information message say after the sync? How many contacts were copied over? Please check in the app settings on your Android phone which account Outlook contacts are being transferred into. Also, please check if showing of all contacts option is enabled in your Contacts app on the Android device.
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