Outlook Android Sync server on two IP's

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Outlook Android Sync server on two IP's

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hello. both my phone and laptop are connected to the same home wifi network.

However, the Outlook Android Sync server status shows that the service is running on two IP's (, I believe this is becacuse my laptop also connects to a Cisco AnyConnect VPN for connectivity to my work's corporate network.

I think the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client tunnels ALL traffic through the VPN and I assume this is why I'm not able to establish direct connectivity via my wifi network. Do you know of a way around this? Or does it sound like my issue of not being able to connect my phone to the PC, could be caused by another issue?

I have tried increasing the time out, as well as connecting to the private IP directly.
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Re: Outlook Android Sync server on two IP's

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Yes, VPN is most likely the cause here. I'd suggest you to have a look at other connection methods described here:
http://www.ezoutlooksync.com/help/outlo ... _cable.htm
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