Need splash screen to keep anxious users at bay

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Need splash screen to keep anxious users at bay

Post by grfxguy »

On a Pentium 4 3.2 GHz PC with 1.5 GB DDR RAM, EZ Outlook Sync Pro 1.1 Beta 2 takes about 13 seconds from the time you click on the shortcut for something to happen on the screen (other than a very brief "loading" window that pops up and immediately disappears.

Many less patient users will click on the shortcut multiple times if they don't see some kind of acknowledgement that something is happening. A splash screen that comes up within a few seconds and stays up while the program is loading would solve this.
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Post by max »

Thank you for nice suggestion! Yes, we will have to add a note about program loading. The problem is that program attempts to load default PST files upon startup, which may be several GBs in size and it takes time.
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