speed of sync

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speed of sync

Post by Woodylen »

I have been using syncPST, however the program is far to slow, taking over 4.5 hours to syncronise two PST files over a 10/100 mb/sec crossover cabled Network, the pst file has about 200 subfolders and is just under a gb of data.

How would EZOutlooksync compare to syncPST in terms of speed. Does it use the same algorithims as SyncPST in the way it checks every folder.

Do mail folders slow EZOutlooksync down the more you have like they do with SyncPST?


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Post by max »


speed naturally depends on the size of a PST file. And adding folders means more comparison, and more time required.

As goes to work with 1 GB file, our test files take much less time for comparison and synchronization, with a current release version.

A Beta of a Pro version synchronizes our 1 GB files in around 6-7 minutes, which, as far as we know is the best result ever on the market for such types of synchronizations.
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