Nothing copying over

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Nothing copying over

Post by oasync001 »

I installed the PC software and app successfully and connected to my PC via wifi

i created an Outlook PST file for synchronising - the process all seems to work except no data is transferred - it says:

'synchronisation successfully completed
Contacts: 0 additions, 0 updates, 0 deletes
Calendar: 0 additions, 0 updates, 0 deletes"

i am using Outlook 2013
the email address i use for the calendar is set up for imap rather than POP
the calendar and contacts are both labelled "(This computer only)"

please explain what the problem is

btw it would be good if you could also have a USB option as normally my PC is plugged direct into the LAN so i will have to adjsut it it to wifi every time i want to sync
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Re: Nothing copying over

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Please forward me via PM (private message) here in the forum the latest log file. You can get it by starting Windows OAS and clicking on Tools->Last log. We will be able to check what's going on behind the scenes as to why there's 0 changes.

Sync via USB is possible, although you'd need to set up USB tethering on your Android device.
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