command line use of ezo file

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command line use of ezo file

Post by skobus »

I am using the Pro1.1 beta2 version under XP SP2.
I made command line shortcuts to help me quickly synchronize pst files between two computers.
I used:
"C:\Program Files\EZOutlookSync Pro\EZOutlookSync.exe" "C:\Program Files\EZOutlookSync Pro\my.ezo" /d:t
and the reverse ( /d:s option)
where my.ezo is the profile saved previously in a normal run.

When I ran either shortcut from computer #1, a window popped up for a short time, but no synchronization occurred.

I found out, that my ezo file did not contain the folder specifications. I had saved the profile when I had not checked the individual folders. That was not necessary at that time, because I had used the wizard.

After checking the individual folders in the two panes and saving the ezo file, the shortcuts work allright.
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Post by max »

Thank you, nice tip for everyone!
EZOutlookSync/EPIM team
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