duplicate personal folers

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duplicate personal folers

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Was using the beta of EZOLSP and ended up with the donor computer's entire set of personal folders reproduced separately on the recipient computer. So there are two inboxes, two calendars, etc. The data was transferred but was not synchronized into the preexisting folders. When I closed the new personal folder, it was gone, and I was back where I started with no transferred synchronized data..
This was a transfer from a desktop to a laptop. i exported the desktop pst file, moved it to the donor computer, and then had EZOLSP synchronize.
The donor computer did not have an 'outlook today' folder; it just had "personal folders." The recipient computer had 'outlook today' with 'personal folders' nested under that. Donor was running Windows 2000; recipient, XP pro.
I would be happy to purchase the program if it would work. Can you help?
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Post by max »

Thank you for posting!
What is the version you were testing? A "Standart", or "Pro" version?
Here is our first guess- the problem lies in exporting PST file. Seems like during export, Outlook changed some attributes of each folder, which lead EZOS to believe these were new folders. If you had just copied the PST file, as it was, most probably, the problem would not appear...
EZOutlookSync/EPIM team
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