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if your name is Dick Davis, then you know what the problem is- your Internet provider, Verizon, has a very strange anti-spam policy and they blacklisted a big Internet provider, thus we can't send you any mail, they all get returned. I already adviced you to use your hotmail address.
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Yes, I am that person. Additonally, all you have stated is the same as you stated in the post here - no additional information. If you can kindly provide some additional details, then I can get with Verizon and see what the problem is or is happening with the email. I am sure that the informaton that they will want is what is the domain being sent from, does it happen each time, etc.

So, if you can provide then I am most certain that Verizon can resolve the problem - but without information they can't do much.

Additionally, this does not resolve the problem with deletes not being posted and synch not doing deletes in the statistics screen.

Along with the above, I receive messages from your other support staff - may be it is that you use the "max" as part of the user id - any way - any informatiion is welcomed to get this resolved.
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