Problem with deleting items

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Any response on this issue? I am using this product on a Tablet and a Desktop. As it stands, I can't rely on this product to sync without my reviewing the changes as it fails when it finds deleted items, which leaves the product useless.

I would like to buy this software, but can't until this issue is addressed. I hope there is a solution soon.

Thank you.

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Post subject: Problem with deleting items

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I thought is was just me, being a newbie. I am having the same problem - anybody out there?????


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Hi fellow users. I see that I am not the only one having problems with deleting Items. I first report these problems via email and then in the forum. Please see my post titled "Problems with Pro 1.2. Max has answered some of my questions but I am still having problems.
I just created a new post for version 1.31. It is entitled "Allow Deleting
Items Problem with Pro Version 1.31. Please read this latest post and
reply. Perhaps if enough folks are having this problem it will get corrected.
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