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Duplicate mail

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 5:16 am
by pepitoalex

When I buy this software, I tried to sync all the Outlook folders, but when I see the duplicate items problem occur on my outlooks, I just try to synchronise the really feature I need: the email synchronisation, because I do the rest (calendar, contacts, tasks) with a pocket PC :x

When I synchronise I get some duplicate mails but not on all the mails !!! :shock:

I tried to create a new outlook profile and a new EZOS profile ==> same problem.
I tried to enable and disable the delete items and folder option ==> same problem.

I have a shortcut: "C:\Program Files\EZOutlookSync Pro\EZOutlookSync.exe" /d "C:\Program Files\EZOutlookSync Pro\Alex.ezo" to synchronise between the desktop and the laptop

I tried to see on the EZOS forum but I don't find a solution, something wrong on my Outlook, EZOS configuration, Wifi or handling ? :( if something wrong on my handling, could you tell me the good handling, step by step ?

:idea: ? Thanks