Deleting My EMAILS on both computers

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Deleting My EMAILS on both computers

Post by bojacks »

I have EZOutlookSync Pro v. 1.32 (Paid Version)and have been using it for a few weeks now. I am running Outlook 2003 SP2 on my Laptop and Desktop which are both running Windows XP Pro SP2. During the last sync both my computers went from having over 5000 emails to SEVEN. Why did your software decide to delete all of those emails? And they are not in the deleted items folder... they have been permanently deleted.

I have looked at the last log file in which you can see all the deleted items. Also my contacts went from about 300 people to 3. Some of these emails are personal but most are work related and no I don't have them backed up. So what gives? I know you can't me how to get these emails back and why did your program decide to delete them and why are they not in the deleted items folder?

I did email your '' but never received a response so now I am in the public forum. I have never been so sickened by a piece of software before. If I thought I had a case I would try and sue you.

And before all of you jump on me ...yes I know I should have backed up my pst files, but it was working fine during the trial and about 2 week after I bought the paid version.

So everyone what do I do now?
Brian Jackson


Post by JustLooking »

I was thinking of getting this software.
Not Now!
No response for 15 days![/b][/b]sorry for your loss.
Thanks for the warrning about this software.
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Post by gsouders »

Hi Bojacks,

What a nightmare! Sorry to here that you lost your emails and contacts. I am not support staff but am very familiar with the program. I have never had this happen. I do not have an explanation or solution for you but I can shed some light on why your emails and contacts did not go to the deleted items folder. The standard version does send the items to the deleted items folder. The pro version permanently deletes them. I asked support about this very thing so this is how I no. Unfortunately the documentation has not been updated to reflect the difference in the standard and pro versions.

I personally do not like the fact that the pro version permanently deletes the items. I think it is a nice feature to have but it should be up to the user. What they really need is a switch to control deletions. Perhaps called "Permanently Delete Items". The default should be unchecked which should send the items to the deleted items folder. If checked then the items will be permanently deleted. Hopefully this will be added in a future version.
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