What about Outlook archive settings

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What about Outlook archive settings

Post by Jong »

How do I best use this tool wehn I am archiving data periodically out of my default .pst?

At the moment it seems if I do this on one PC, as I do at the moment, EZOS will keep restoring the data when it sync's (it still exists on the other PC).

Is there a solution?


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Post by max »

Hi Jon,

as I understand, when you archive, you essentially remove some items from the folders. It acts exactly as if you manually deleted the items from folders.
You need to perform one-way synchronizations to keep that from re-appearing. Otherwise the EZOS does not know, whether it is the data was deleted from one file, or it was added from another file (thus it just adds the data to the other file).
EZOutlookSync/EPIM team

Post by guest »

another solution would be to run the archive against both stores using the same archive settings. When you run the archive the second time, archive it to the same file you used in the first one and set the "do not create duplicates" option.
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